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Top 10 Reasons Apartment Science Is The Best Option For Finding A Houston Apartment

Apartment Science Gives You Options

Moving and finding a new home is hard as it is, especially factoring in a move to the fourth largest city in the USA: Houston, Texas, with its variety of neighborhoods and no zoning laws. Simplify the process down to a science and find a new apartment today like the modern home seeker you are by using Apartment Science. Here are the top 10 reasons Apartment Science is the best and easiest choice for finding an apartment in Houston. And guess what, we even have a video to tell you about it if you don’t feel like reading today:

1. Fast & Direct.

Apartment hunting can be stressful. Trying to find something that matches that picture in your head or your laundry list of wishes while you are at work and busy with life at times seems impossible. Look no further than Apartment Science to give you what you are looking for within just a few clicks. How about factoring in your desired neighborhood, budget, and amenities while making time to meet a broker in person to help you get in? Our website collects all of your apartment-seeking information (maybe even things you haven’t thought of) and mixes it all together to give you a formula of options that fit your wants in a timely and precise manner without you having to move a muscle. Why gamble and waste time with brokers or renters websites with false listings? By the time, you walk into the apartment of your choice you will have all the facts you’ll need to make an informed decision like the EXACT rent and availability. And if you are not sure exactly what you want, our listings include Houston apartments, townhouses, lofts, condos, and more. In fact, we have the largest collection of data on Houston and Greater-Houston-area apartments.

2. Earn Up To $200 of Free Cash.

Yes, you read that right, FREE MONEY, and maybe that should have been the first reason! When you put Apartment Science as a referral, you will save up to $200 on your new place (we ACTUALLY pay you via mailed check). Who loves earning money in exchange for writing “Apartment Science” as a referral while getting the apartment of your dreams? You do, and we do too! Find out how. You can easily report your lease via the link on our website. Get paid!

3. Convenient Staff that Care about You Without Having To Meet Up.

We are more than just a website with search results looking to sell you on whatever pops up. More than anything we want you to be HAPPY. Why? In the end, exceeded expectations and referrals benefit us. A “win, win” you could say. We want you to use us now and in the future. First, we will send you a list of places that fit your needs so you don’t have to pick up a phone if you don’t want to, but if you would like to chat for some Houston-locator expertise without ever needing to leave your chair, you will be contacted by one of our certified Texas real estate agents who knows the ins and outs of Houston. And voila, you get experienced advice and a listening ear by email or phone like the instant-gratification world begs for… for free which brings us to reason number 4.

4. No Broker’s Fees or Hidden Charges!!

Our service is 100% FREE and there is no catch. We work on commission and are only payed by the leasing agencies. We would love it if you referred us and shared the love but that’s up to you.

5. Safe & Reliable.

Apartment Science verifies all of our apartment listings. We do this to ensure that they’re legit and you aren’t taking any risks or falling for any scams like you would have to deal with while weeding through “places” on Craigslist or through a broker that specializes in for sale properties. We will call the listing before hand to make sure all the information they provided is accurate and current.

6. Exclusive Deals and Savings.

You won’t find our listings on your own or anywhere else. We find you the best deals, so you can save and get a better bang for your buck. We do this by staying connected with Houston property managers who provide you with new specials and availability. We have the MOST data on apartment availability and we will tell you all the details, so that you know what you are walking into. We provide pictures, facts about how old properties are, how many units they have, pet policies, prices, floor plans, bathroom features, living area features, community amenities, etc.

7. Intuitive.

We are the one-stop shop for apartment finding. Say goodbye to tons of open windows. We recognize that not everyone has time to figure out how to use a website to find an apartment. We made it easy for you and categorized our apartments by a Map that references zip codes, houston neighborhoods, areas, or get more specific with our advanced search.

8. Real Reviews & Recommendations.

Since opening for business in 2012, Apartment Science has yet to receive less than 5 stars on Yelp and have a 4.9/5 rating from our Google Reviews. Our customers are from different backgrounds and walks of life, and have never regretted using us.

Here’s an example: Garrett Gee’s review said, “I needed something close to my work, but I didn’t want to break the bank. I emailed Apartment Science for a list and received an email back with some options. I wanted to know if the prices were correct on a few of the apartments, so I emailed them back with the ones I was interested in. They called the apartments and checked prices which saved me a lot of time. I got a month free pro-rated which put me right where I wanted to be price-wise. Thank you”

9. Houston Locals Loves Us.

The Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, and Houston Business Journal recommend us to you. We love Houston too and know all there is to know about the rental market. We offer you pros, cons, top five listings, and fun facts for each area. We are always willing to do the research to answer any of your questions and we want to hear from you.

10. We Evolve With The Times.

We are constantly educating ourselves and staying updated with the latest real estate news and advances in technology. We have a skilled webmaster looking to stay ahead of the curve, so feel free to email adam@apartmentscience.com with suggestions and keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming mobile app.

What else can we do for you? What apartment locators are your favorite and why? Let us know below!


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